Turn your customers into RAVING FANATICS!

I once had a boss who would challenge every new initiative I pitched him with “Will it make our clients raving fanatics?” If I so much as hesitated, it was back to the drawing board with a “Let’s do it better” attitude.

For our team, It was a given the purchase process had to easy, our team had to be accessible and our clients had to fully understand everything we were doing for them. That was the absolute bare minimum. But that wasn’t good enough. The real goal was to convert an average customer into the ultimate superfan, so simply doing what was necessary was never enough.

Building a tribe of "Raving Fanatics" is the pinnacle of success. Not only are they loyal, they basically do your marketing for you. These are the customers that are so stoked about you and what you offer that they recommend you to all their friends, they’re the first to engage with you on social media and are regular, high volume customers. They're every businesses dream client – and they’re not as hard to win over as you might think.

Do the unexpected Pretend every client is your favourite aunt/best friend/significant other and put in a little extra. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. I know a realtor who shovels driveways for busy clients before showings and a sushi restaurant who always brings out mini spring rolls to our kids so they don’t have a meltdown while we’re waiting for our order - and we LOVE them for it. Small gestures mean a lot and when customers feel like you’re willing to go that extra mile. fandom usually follows.

Take a genuine interest Make an effort to notice the little things. Knowing how your clients likes their coffee or taking note of regular supply orders and having them ready ahead of time really makes a customer feel valued. It builds a connection. The more you learn about your clients, the better you’ll be at providing them with the best, most personalized service possible. What customer wouldn’t love that?

Offer a Sneak Peak Everybody wants to be in the know. Offering a customer a behind the scenes sneak peak or first dibbs on a new product is the ultimate in preferred customer status. Making a customer feel like they have access to something exclusive truly elevates its value – and, thus, yours as well. The same principle applies to knowledge resources. Sending a client an article or report that applies specifically to their needs can be an extremely valuable touch-point. Personal access to new products or information shows how invested you are to your professional relationship.

Be Grateful Thank you cards are massively underrated in my opinion. Customers like to know they’re valued and nothing stands out more these days than a personally written thank you card. Granted, writing thank you’s to each and every customer might be a little overkill for some businesses so even a simple smile and thanks can be just as appreciated. It really is the little things.

The key to standing out and converting clients into die hard advocates is surpassing expectations. Anticipate your customers needs and do the unexpected. The better your ability to delight and engage your customers, the more dedicated to your business they’ll inevitably become.

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